He’s Just Not That Into Her

Annabel absolutely loves Mr. Bojangles, our cat.

She thinks he is the funniest thing in the world and loves to grab handfuls of his fur pet him. If he is in the room, her eyes are on him, and she’s likely smiling or giggling or chasing him.

Unfortunately (for her) the feeling does not seem to be mutual. Sometimes Mr. Bo tolerates Annabel, but most of the time I think he wishes she would just leave him the heck alone! She gets so excited when she sees him that she’ll occasionally go chasing after him squealing, and Mr. Bo just bolts!

And then still, there are the times when he just taunts her. Like the other day.

“You can see me…..

…but you can’t touch me!”

And then before she had a chance to terrorize him further, he was out of there, leaving her to stare after him longingly.

Poor Annabel.

Maybe one day he will love her in return.