Work It, Girl!

Nathan and I feel that it’s very important for Annabel to develop some muscle definition from a very early age. Babies at daycare can be so cruel these days that we can’t be having a chubby baby.

Because of this, we’ve implemented a very strict workout regimen. Since she hasn’t started to walk yet much less run, we’ve had to get creative. I think we’ve come up with the perfect solution:

Baby push-ups! I think if we get her doing a few reps of these every day along with some sit-ups and a healthy diet, she should be in good shape and all set for swimsuit season.

The good news is that she enjoys it!

I think that’s the key to finding a successful workout. You need to find something that you love to do so that it won’t feel like work. Good thing Annabel discovered push-ups at such a young age.

Ok, so obviously I’m joking. The real story behind these pictures is that Annabel kept trying to crawl away and then thought it was hilarious when Nathan grabbed her by the feet while she tried to escape.

It’s so fun to watch her learn to play and laugh when she’s having fun! She laughs at the most random things sometimes, like the other day when I blew on some food to cool it off. She thought that was hilarious. Or when she pets the cat. I guess it tickles her hand.

I can never get enough of that laugh and it’s something that I never want to forget!