Revisiting the List

Remember this post? Ha, of course you don’t. I’m pretty sure that exactly no one was reading my blog back in those days.


Since Monday marked six months until my 30th birthday, I figured it was time to revisit my list to see how far I’ve come. Or not come. Whatever the case may be. So let’s see what I’ve accomplished in (almost) two years:

1. Plant a vegetable garden. A real one, not just a tomato plant on my patio. Nope, definitely hasn’t happened!
2. Go skydiving. 
Another no. I really wish I had done this before I had a kid because now it doesn’t feel like the most responsible thing in the world to do, but we’ll see.
3. Take a yoga class (took one a couple of months ago, so maybe another? or a different kind?)
  I did this! 
4. Throw someone a surprise party. Hasn’t happened yet. Watch out friends!
5. Buy and learn to use Photoshop (or something similar)
I’m marking this one off because I did get Lightroom, and although I haven’t fully learned everything, I use it quite frequently.
6. Get pregnant and hopefully have the baby before I’m 30…but you never know with these things. I did get pregnant. And I did have a baby!
7. Try different types of seafood and try really hard to like it. I’m giving this one a half cross-out because I have tried new things and tried to like them, but I’d still like to try more.
8. Try out vegetarianism (is that a word?) for at least one month.
I’m working on this one right now! I haven’t had any meat since Easter Sunday and hope to make it a month.
9. Go to a meditation group/class.
10. See Iron & Wine in concert
  Did this! 
11. Get laser hair removal on my underarms. My underarms are still as hairy as they were two years ago.
12. Travel somewhere new, outside of Texas.
We went to Outer Banks, North Carolina. Omaha. Arizona. Twice. And Seattle.
13. Learn some of my favorite recipes of my grandma’s, including cinnamon roles, “spice cookies”, and sour cream twists. Still really want and need to do this.
14. Volunteer somewhere.
Currently looking into this.
15. Watch some of the classic films I’ve never seen like Gone with the Wind, Casablanca, etc.
This is feeling less and less like a priority (not that it was ever too high on the list), but I’ll get around to it some day….
16. Own all of the necessary kitchen/serving items to host a proper dinner party (this one better happen WELL before I’m 30!)
  Did it! 
17. Go snow skiing and/or water skiing. I’ve never done either. Maybe this summer I can try out water skiing. If only I had a friend with a boat (wink, wink, nudge, nudge)….. Snow skiing probably still won’t happen for a while.
18. Make homemade yogurt (sorry Nathan!).
I’ve kind of lost interest in this, but still might try it or replace it with “Make homemade almond milk”.
19. Take a photography class (I’m doing that right now!)
 That was a fun experience.
20. Learn the proper technique to sew on a button. Still have button-less shirts in the closet.
21. Make a real effort at learning Italian.
I took a casual class with my mom, but I’m not sure I can give myself full credit for this one.
22. Buy a pair of expensive, fancy shoes and have an occasion to wear them
So these weren’t all that expensive, but I consider them fancy, so I’m marking it off the list. Even though I haven’t technically had an occasion to wear them. I have a couple of weddings coming up; maybe I can incorporate them then!
23. Randomly pay for a stranger’s meal/groceries/purchase. I guess I haven’t been feeling too generous, but I still think this would be cool. Don’t know how to do it without being creepy though. Hmmm.
24. Go to the symphony or ballet.
Doubt this will happen before 30. But when Annabel is older, I intend to take her to see The Nutcracker during the holidays.
25. Pay my dad back the money he “loaned” to me for my Europe trip in 2004.
I think we should pretend I never put this on here.
26. Get a new passport with my “new” last name.
Sadly haven’t had any use for a passport in quite some time.
27. Dress up for Halloween (I NEVER do this).
I’m thinking this will be my year! We’ll be dressing Annabel up, so what better excuse do I have?
28. Pamper myself to a half (or full!) day at a spa.
This is getting another half cross and here’s why: I actually purchased a half day at a spa via Living Social and even scheduled it. Then the spa went out of business. So I didn’t get to do that. BUT, since Annabel was born, I’ve had a two hour massage and a manicure and deluxe pedicure. I’m calling that success, though I’d still love a half or full day some day.
29. Go to ACL Festival.
Ten years of ACL and still never done this. Though in my defense, last year I had just had a baby.
30. Ride the new light rail train to work.
Why have I never done this?! It’s free!

Ok, so not looking too impressive. I guess I’m really going to have to kick it into high gear in the next six months. A few of these I can still accomplish, but some are just not going to happen. Perhaps I should switch the ones that I know I can’t accomplish with things that are more doable but equally fun and/or important to me? I’ll have to start thinking about that!

Any suggestions?