A Very Good Friday Indeed

Annabel’s daycare was closed on Friday for the holiday, so I was forced to take off of work to care for her. I know, twist my arm! It was our first day to spend together, without Nathan, since I went back to work. And truth be told, I was a little bit nervous about what we would do all day.

It’s strange because I miss her so much everyday and if given the option right this minute, I’d leave my job in a heartbeat to stay home with her. Yet.

Yet, I know how tiring it can be to care for a baby all day, especially one who is newly mobile and anxious to explore everything! I know I stayed home with her for four months by myself, but she’s totally different now! Hence the nervousness. But I needn’t have worried. We had the best day together!

Annabel woke at her normal 6ish time to eat and then we played together. I made myself breakfast and we just hung around in our jammies until around 9 when she seemed to be getting a little bit tired and fussy. I decided that was the perfect time to head out on a walk because it was absolutely, perfectly gorgeous out. Sure enough, Annabel fell asleep shortly into our walk and proceeded to sleep for two hours.

That gave me a chance to do a lot of much-needed work around the house.

When she woke up, we went out to the backyard to enjoy more of the beautiful weather.

After about 45 minutes, it was time for Annabel’s afternoon snack: sweet potato and acorn squash. Because of the holiday weekend, Nathan got off work really early and was home by around 2pm. He pretty much went straight outside to mow the grass while Annabel took her afternoon nap and I…..

wait for it….

took a nap too! So awesome.

Then we made an early dinner and decided to go for an evening stroll. Any day with two walks is a good day, am I right?

But it wasn’t just any evening stroll. No, we strolled right up to the frozen yogurt shop for dessert!

Don’t be fooled by the mounds of toppings; there was actually frozen yogurt buried somewhere under all of that goodness. I tried to warn Nathan against the gummy bears, noting that they would become hard as rocks, but he didn’t listen. Yuck.

The only downside to the whole day? Annabel fell asleep on our walk.

Those of you with babies know that a 7pm nap is the furthest thing from ideal. She woke up right as we were getting home, right at bedtime. Only she wasn’t ready for bed. Oh no. She was so refreshed! And ready to party. For like 3 hours.

Oops. Lesson learned.

But still overall a very fun day. The kind that I would love to repeat over and over again.