Welcome to Texas, y’all!

Last year we had very little rain, which meant very few wildflowers. This year it seems like it’s rained non-stop at times. Our lakes are still only a partially full, but the rain has definitely helped in the wildflower department! They are everywhere. And they are beautiful.

So last Sunday we took Annabel out for a few pictures in the bluebonnets. Here are the results:

Annabel really just liked playing in the dirt…

…and playing with her pinwheel.

We even took a few of all three of us, using a tripod and remote for my camera.

Luckily Nathan pointed out that I wasn’t being very discreet with the remote, and I was able to correct myself before all of the pictures turned out like the one above. Oops.

The pictures above were taken at a little park near our house. After that, we drove out a little bit further where Nathan had seen a good place for more pictures.

Longhorns in a sea of bluebonnets. Now if that’s not the quintessential picture of Texas in the springtime, I don’t know what is!

And lastly, remember this post?

Well I got a picture of Annabel from the same angle as the one of me as a baby, so I thought it would be fun to convert them both to black and white to see the results. That way, the difference in our hair color wouldn’t be so noticeable.

So what do you think? Pretty crazy.