The Comb-over

So much to catch up on around here!

A few weeks ago, Nathan and I had an argument a debate about Annabel’s hair. I thought she needed a haircut, but Nathan disagreed. But here’s the thing. It was starting to look like she had a bad comb-over. She was looking pretty bald (and blonde) all over her head, except for this really dark and really long patch up on top that would naturally fall to the right, creating the perfect comb-over effect. I’ve never been particularly sentimental about baby hair, but I realize that lots of people are, so I understood Nathan’s point. It seems like there’s this unspoken rule that no matter how crazy a baby’s hair is, it is not to be cut!

But then one of the babies in Annabel’s class went and got his head shaved! As in, a buzz cut. Because his hair was growing in all patchy and funky. I figured if they could shave their baby’s head (for non-medical reasons), I could at least give her a little trim! One of her teachers confirmed that she also had cut her son’s hair for the first time around 3 months because it was too out of control. That sealed it for me, and I went home on a mission. To convince Nathan that it wouldn’t be the end of Annabel’s babyhood to cut her hair.

I succeeded and he finally allowed it. He even photographed the event for posterity.

Whatcha doin', mama?!

I think it helped a little bit, but she’s definitely still got a big chunk of dark brown hair surrounded by wispy, blonde-ish stuff in the back and on the sides, as evidenced here:

But the sides do seem to be growing in a little bit more these days, so hopefully the comb-over look will soon be a thing of the past!

Right now it’s all about photographing from the right angles.