It’s been five years since we hopped on a plane headed to Maui and exchanged vows. Some days I marvel at how fast the time has gone and others it feels like we’ve been together forever. I suppose this can be said of most things in life. Time is a funny little creature.

I had grand plans of going back through old pictures and writing a long post about everything that’s gone on in the last five years. But alas, life has changed a lot since those carefree days.

Engagement photo!

It’s no longer just the two of us, going about our business and doing as we please all of the time. Finding time for each other, much less my silly little blog, has been a challenge for the past few months. So when life gets crazy and chaotic and sleepless, I enjoy looking back at pictures from that day, five years ago. It was such a magical day.

But in the end, that one special day was all it was. A day. A beginning. A stepping stone to get us where we are now. And despite the chaos and lack of sleep and occasional grouchiness, I wouldn’t trade where we are now for a million more of those carefree days. They had their time and place in our lives, but I am exceedingly happy to leave them in the past in favor of our present.

I’m am beyond thrilled with where they have led us.

To here,

to her.

Happy Anniversary, Nathan!