The thing about parenting that I’m learning is that you will never do everything exactly the way you think it’s best done. You can read and read and formulate ideas and plans and decide where you stand on a thousand issues. You can write a list of rules and work to implement as many as possible or you can follow no rules at all. But there is always going to be compromise, so the only way to get anywhere is by prioritizing what’s most important to you.

That means a lot of things to a lot of different people. For me there are several issues in regards to parenting and raising a child that I am passionate about. One such issue is nutrition and feeding my kid(s) healthfully. It’s why I’ve breastfed from the beginning and continued to do so after returning to work. And let me tell you, pumping three times a day at work and once before bed is not as fun as it sounds! Ha. But I want Annabel to have the best, and since I’m very fortunate to be able to do it, I’m going to continue.

And now, it’s why I’m making my own baby food! I’ve been ridiculously excited for Annabel to reach six months because I’ve so been looking forward to trying my hand at baby food making. Not that there’s much to it at this point, but I’ve still been excited.

So two weekends ago, I bought my supplies and got to it. We already had a food processor, so it was really just the vegetables that I had to buy. Annabel had already tried avocado and loved it, so next I bought a couple of sweet potatoes, some green beans, peas and carrots. So much cheaper and so much better than jarred baby food! And really very easy.

Simply chop,

cook, puree,

and freeze. Then each day you can pull out a cube or two or three,

let it thaw,

and feed to baby.

Annabel has LOVED everything she’s tried so far. I’ve heard of babies refusing to open their mouths for solids, shaking their heads, spitting it out, gagging and other different reactions, but so far, Annabel has had none of those. She has gobbled it all down and already has an identifiable noise for when she wants more. So funny!

I’m excited to keep adding new vegetables to the rotation, along with some fruits and eventually some oatmeal and yogurt combined with fruits. I’ll never say that I’ll never give her processed foods (because that’s very nearly impossible and probably overkill), but my goal is to limit her diet strictly to whole foods for as long as possible. I know I won’t have long before outside influences start in on her.

We’ll see how that goes since the other thing I’m learning about motherhood is that no matter how much you plan and no matter how good your intentions, there are always surprises and curve balls!