The Weekends

Last weekend I really needed to vacuum, so I asked Nathan to keep Annabel off the floor for me. He decided to get her out of the house completely. I peeked outside and spotted this:

I so wanted to ditch the vacuum and go join them, but I continued on. Then I got to our bedroom and there they were again.

Annabel playing with toys, Nathan reading The Hunger Games, and me…..vacuuming. But I still pressed on!

Finally I finished and went out to join them for a few minutes.

It was lovely (if way too short), but it reminded me of these days. And oh how I’ve been missing those days lately!

In case you were wondering, the missing hasn’t gotten any better. If anything, it only gets worse because everyday spent at work is another day not spent with Annabel. It’s another day of someone else raising my baby. Another day of missing out on her smiles and growing. She’s growing so fast! And I hate so much that I’m missing so much of this precious time. Time that I’ll never get back.

Which leaves me with the weekends. Weekends when I should probably just be snuggling my baby all day instead of vacuuming….

P.S. She’s napping on me as I type this:)