Arizona 2.0

Last March we took a quick trip to Scottsdale with Nathan’s family. Our flight was delayed five hours last year, so we got some vouchers from the airline. They were about to expire, so we decided to take another long weekend in Scottsdale with Nathan’s parents.

It was Annabel’s first time flying, and she did great! We pretty much just took it easy while we were there. Nathan and I went out to a movie for the first time in around six months, which was really fun. We saw The Descendents, and I totally loved it.

We took Annabel up to a park near the condo and she rode her first carousel!

She also rode a train for the first time.

I’m pretty sure she had no real idea what was going on and the experience was more fun for us than her, but oh well.

The sun was really bright and hot and we were totally unprepared, without sunscreen or a hat, so Nathan’s mom bought the only hat that the gift shop sold. It was about three sizes too big, but it got the job done!

The picture above is another example of a picture that was too dark until I converted it into black and white!

And of course it wouldn’t be a trip to Arizona without the requisite cactus pictures, so we were sure to get some of those too.

I found Little Bo Peep in the desert!

This year I made sure to get a couple as the sun was setting…

Last year we went to this bar out in the middle of nowhere where people write their names on dollar bills and hang them all over the walls. At the time, we hadn’t found out whether our baby was a boy or a girl, so Nathan wrote “Nathan + Adrianne + Baby ?”

This time we got to fill in Annabel’s name.

It’s crazy how far a year can bring you!

Last year:

And this year:

Traveling with a baby definitely adds a new level of stress, but it’s really important to me to instill a love of travel and seeing the world in Annabel. So while it may be more hectic and crazy, I hope to have lots of family trips in the future with our best girl.