A Baby in a Hat

When we went to Seattle last year for our “babymoon“, we stopped at a little stand at the market that was selling hand-knitted baby hats. If I love one thing, it’s babies in knitted hats! In fact, putting my own baby in a knitted hat is quite possibly why I had a baby to begin with.

So when we saw this little stand, I insisted that we buy a hat for our then unborn baby who, we had just discovered weeks prior, was a girl.

When we got home with it, I anxiously showed it to my mom and anyone else who would look. I was so excited to take newborn pictures of our girl in it. My mom just laughed and said the kid would probably be two before the hat fit her. And I mentally disagreed, thinking mom was just wrong.

Turns out she wasn’t wrong. Don’t you hate that?!

We’re running out of days that are even cool, much less cold, so I figured I should try the hat on her again. It’s still much too big, but not nearly as big as it was when she was a newborn and not too big for a little photo shoot!

My bright eyed girl!

"Um Ma, this hat is a little too big!"

Maybe it will fit perfectly next year?