Annabel Says…

We actually celebrated on Sunday night. Weeknights are just so hectic between getting home, getting dinner ready, eating, cleaning up, getting Annabel in bed, showering, washing bottles, and getting lunches made that we figured that trying to cook a nice dinner on top of all that would be damn near impossible.

So Sunday it was.

We’re not huge into Valentine’s Day around here. Nathan usually grills up some steaks and I make chocolate covered strawberries.

Why yes that IS boxed mac and cheese! We discovered at the last minute that our sweet potatoes had gone bad, so we classed it up with mac and cheese!

Sometimes there are flowers and chocolate, sometimes some small gifts, but definitely nothing extravagant in these here parts.

But as with every holiday this year, things were a little bit different with a baby on the scene. I told Nathan that he’s Annabel’s valentine until she has her own someday (in like 30 years), so he needed to set the bar high. I want her to learn at a young age how she deserves to be treated by a future partner. And sometimes that includes being pampered!

I think her first Valentine’s Day was a success. She got a sweet card, a teddy bear, and roses.

She loved the teddy bear! I guess she takes after me.

From our house to yours, Happy Valentine’s Day!