When She Was Sick

She had a runny nose and was starting to get a cough. She woke up at 3am on a Thursday from coughing so hard. She had already been up a couple of times, so I nudged Nathan to see if he would just bring her to me. I couldn’t get up again. Just as he was handing her to me, she threw up all over the sheets. A lot. I almost screamed out of shock.

“Will you stay home with her?” I asked. I had no sick time from using it all during maternity leave.

“Yes. Of course.” He said without hesitation.

And so he did. And he called me several times to check in throughout the day, update me of her status. He took her temperature and questioned if he should take her to the doctor. But no fever, so I said there probably wasn’t much they could do.

Thursday evening the fever came, so Friday he stayed home with her again, but this time took her to the doctor. Ear infection. Possible RSV or cold.

He had her prescription filled for antibiotics and gave her the first dose. He went out and bought a humidifier and plugged it in. He continued to monitor her temperature and gave her Tylenol to keep it down. He bought saline solution and suctioned her nose to help her breathe better. He pored over the huge baby book we have from the American Academy of Pediatrics with a look of concern on his face. He googled baby ear infection and remedies. He held her close. He worried about her once she was in bed and peeked in to check on her.

He nursed her back to health…with the aid of the antibiotics that he gave to her twice a day for ten days, while laughing as she gulped it down every time.

One day I want to tell Annabel just how much her daddy loves her, but something tells me I won’t need to do that. I’m pretty sure she’ll know it simply through his actions. I knew he would be a good dad, but actually seeing him in action is so awesome. She’s a lucky girl.

Lucky indeed.