Daddy Duty

This morning I had a much needed and long overdue Starbucks date with my best friend. So Nathan stayed home and tended to Annabel. I told him what time she needed to eat and that she’d probably be ready for a nap pretty soon. Sure enough, when we got back to the house, Nathan informed us that we needed to keep it down because she was asleep. I looked around and didn’t see her. “Where is she?” I asked.

“In her room,” he replied.

“Oh. In her car seat or in the crib?”

“No, on the changing table.”

Whaaaa?! So I peeked in her room, and there she was:

Swaddled and strapped on top of the changing table! Why you may ask? I asked the same thing, and apparently, “that’s where she fell asleep.”

Um….how exactly did she fall asleep on the changing table?

Simple. That’s where he fed her because supposedly she won’t take the bottle while he’s holding her. She has to be lying down. And if she’s on the changing table, he can just stand there and give her the bottle.

I thought he was crazy. But the most frustrating thing about it all is that she slept for two hours like that! I can never get her to sleep for two hours during the day, no matter where I put her. Then again, I’ve never thought to put her to sleep on the changing table. Obviously I need to take lessons from Nathan. Yes, it pains me to type that.

Sadly she’ll be rolling over soon (I imagine), so that spot won’t last very long.