An Exchange

The day after Thanksgiving was a LONG day for me. Since we had been at the game the night before, I hadn’t gotten to bed until around 3 am. Then I woke up with a stomach ache, then Annabel started to stir, and then she got up for good at around 7 am. I was exhausted and really needed a nap! But Nathan had to work, so there was no hope for that. So I sent him a text message instead. Here is our conversation:

Me: I seriously need u at home. I really don’t think I can stay awake.

Nathan: I’ll be there soon. 2 hrs to go. I’ll try to leave a little early. hang in there, try eating something

Me: Don’t know if I can make it. For reals.

Nathan: I cant just leave can you go on a walk or somwthing (please note: this is written exactly as it was received. Any errors in punctuation and spelling are Nathan’s!)

Me: No energy for that. Just gonna put her in the carseat outside and lay on the couch with the window open so I can hear her. She likes it out there.

Nathan: You cant leave her outside (with a little shocked face emoticon)

Nathan: why dont you lay down a blanket in the backyard and layout with her

Nathan: Bears adrianne bears will eat our baby

Me: In her carseat! And on the back patio. No one can get her!

Me: there are no bears. Goodnight paranoid android.

Nathan: And you cant hear her if your asleep someone will call cps if they saw her back there

Me: Haha I’m just messing with u weirdo! We are inside, i’m just suuuuuper tired!!

Nathan: You had me worried there drink a dr. pepper

Me: Hehe glad I tricked you:)

Nathan: Your crazy

Me: Yep, crazy awesome.

Nathan: Or just crazy


A couple of notes:

1.) Nathan clearly doesn’t believe in periods. Or any punctuation for that matter.

2.) I was definitely just joking with him and trying to get a rise out of him, BUT I totally would have heard her! I’ve become an insanely light sleeper when it comes to her noises and can hear her little whines from across the house when Nathan gets up with her in an attempt to let me sleep in. Consequently, there is no sleeping in for me. Oddly enough though, I go to bed before Nathan and never wake up when he comes to bed. So I’m definitely just sensitive to her noises. It’s weird how the brain can do that.