Pizza: A Vegetable?!

It looks like giant corporations have won again. I guess I’m not as shocked as I am disappointed.

If you missed this news, you should read this article. Congress has decided that the tomato paste on frozen pizza can be counted as a vegetable. A slice of pizza and a pile of french fries? According to Congress, this qualifies as two servings of vegetables. I wonder when we’ll figure out that corporations shouldn’t be running the show. That they aren’t in fact people with our best interests at heart. They don’t care if they are feeding our children poison as long as it’s making them money in the process. It’s sickening.

I’m sure there are parents all over the country like myself who want better food for their children, but the challenge feels almost impossible when you’re up against corporations who are pumping in millions of dollars to ensure that your kid becomes addicted to their food from the moment they can eat solid foods. Take rice cereal as an example. Why do babies need rice cereal? They don’t! One pediatrician has even launched a campaign to eradicate the stuff altogether, claiming that it’s simply junk food. I’ve read through the information and have decided that it makes sense to me, and therefore, I won’t feed it to Annabel. She’s going to eat whole foods from the beginning.

And then there’s “toddler food.” I never knew this stuff existed until I started reading “mommy blogs.” Why do toddlers need specially packaged, processed foods? Food corporations have done such a good job of convincing parents that kids won’t eat real food, “adult” food, that many parents don’t even try. They’ve been convinced that kids only like pizza, chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese. Those are all staple items on the kids menu of any restaurant after all.

So even parents who want to do right by their kids have a huge battle to fight. A completely unfair and one-sided battle if you ask me. How am I supposed to compete with companies who are literally spending millions of dollars to make sure I fail? They are advertising to my kid on TV, on the radio, on billboards, in the grocery store with their bright colors and animated characters, in restaurants and dozens of other places. They are lobbying to make sure that their food stays in schools, so that we can’t escape it.

I’m not saying it’s not ultimately the parents’ responsibility, I’m just saying that it’s one hell of a hard job. And in my opinion, the government should be doing its best to make it easier for parents to succeed rather than caving to corporations who say that PIZZA should count as a VEGETABLE!

Welcome to America.