Stupid Pedestrians

Back when I was a kid, parents taught their kids to look both ways before crossing the street. And if there was a car coming, you waited for the car to pass. I don’t think this is being taught anymore, and I blame signs like these:

I’m pretty sure the sign should in fact read this:

I don’t know about you, but I know that in a fight against a car, the car is always going to win. Therefore, I am a smart pedestrian, unlike many of my fellow walkers. College students seem to be the worst. (P.S. I really had to refrain from saying “college kids” because this post already makes me sound like a granny as it is)

It used to drive me crazy in college (and now as I drive on campus) how people would wander into the street without so much as looking up from their phones! Even when they weren’t in a crosswalk! I used to secretly wish they would get bumped by a car to learn their lesson. I didn’t wish injury on them, just a little nudge to knock some sense into them. Those signs have effectively ingrained into people’s minds that they have the right-of-way and therefore need not even bother to look both ways before stepping into a busy intersection. It’s madness out there, I tell you! I’m not suggesting that cars shouldn’t yield to pedestrians. Of course they should, but isn’t NOT RUNNING OVER PEOPLE common sense? And shouldn’t pedestrians be the ones to yield first since they have a lot more to lose? I think they should, but I can’t seem to convince the idiot college students at UT. Kids these days…..