Hide Yo’ Kids!

Is it just me or were ice cream trucks way more legit when we were kids? I mean, I don’t remember them looking like child molester vans back in the day, and I definitely remember how much I loved them. But have you actually seen one as an adult? They’re scary. I’m sorry, but there’s no other way to put it.

Annabel and I were hanging out in the front yard, enjoying the breeze and waiting for Nathan to get home when I heard the distinct jingle of an ice cream truck. For half a second, I was right back in my childhood neighborhood begging my parents for money to run down and get a treat. My trip down memory lane was brought to a disturbing halt when I looked up and saw this:

Maybe the problem is that they appear to be the exact same vans today, in 2011, as they were back in 1989. Any van that old could look scary I suppose. It doesn’t help when the driver is a sketchy looking old man either. I know I shouldn’t judge people like that. He probably just likes kids, and hey, we all have to make a living. But maybe investing in a newer van would help out his operation.

At least then people like me wouldn’t be afraid to send their kid out to it unsupervised….