Sleeping Like a Baby

"My mom thinks we're kangaroos!"

Aww, look how peaceful she is sleeping there!

"I kind of like it though."

But don’t be deceived.

I’m learning that the phrase “I slept like a baby” is not all it’s cracked up to be. Perhaps the people who say such a thing have never been around a baby for long stretches of time. They’re the ones who have only seen sleeping babies out in loud restaurants and marveled to themselves that anyone could sleep through such commotion. And I’ll admit, that’s a pretty cool trick.

But beyond that aspect, I must say that baby sleeping leaves a lot to be desired.

I’d venture to guess that when someone says they “slept like a baby” they didn’t in fact wake every 2 to 3 hours to eat. I’d bet money that they didn’t wet the bed a few times or poop their pants or wake up crying or wake up when their pacifier fell out of their mouths or any of the other crazy things that babies do in their sleep. At least I hope that’s not what people mean when they say that!

So no, sleeping like a baby isn’t as cool as it sounds and sleeping next to a baby is just as rest-less. But sleeping babies also have their perks.

See above photos.