The Puppy Pad

During our child birth classes, the instructor mentioned that many a mattress had been ruined by amniotic fluid. You know, the water breaks while you’re sleeping, you wake up, freak out and rush off to the hospital, leaving the stuff to sit in the bed for a couple of days until you return home to find an interesting smell coming from the bedroom. I never realized it had such a distinct smell, but apparently it’s not pleasant once it’s soaked into a mattress.

That’s all it took for the wheels in Nathan’s head to start spinning. I imagine the second she said that, his brain was running a million miles a minute to come up with a PLAN! A solution! Needless to say, he did.

Enter the puppy pad, as Nathan so lovingly refers to it. It’s actually just the waterproof mattress cover that we bought for the crib. Only it’s not on the crib. Not yet. For the past several weeks, it’s been under the sheets on my side of the bed, protecting our dear mattress from any unfortunate side effects of this pregnancy. It makes me laugh (at least on the inside) every time I hear it crinkle underneath me….which is every time I move in case you were wondering.

And there isn’t just one puppy pad. Yesterday when Nathan picked me up from work, I noticed there was something new in my seat. A towel over another puppy pad (this one being the waterproof cover for the bassinet). I can no longer be trusted in the car it seems.

I’ve realized that during pregnancy, you might as well kiss your dignity and modesty goodbye. I’m sure this sentiment will only be further confirmed when I get to the actual labor and delivery part where everyone and their mom will be coming in and out of the hospital room and getting all up in my business. Literally.

Goodbye modesty, hello baby!