Almost There!

As “Baby-pocalypse” (as it is sometimes referred to in our house) approaches, I thought I should write out some of the things I’m going to miss about being pregnant. Granted this list won’t be all that long for me, but there are some things that I actually like about it, so I figured I should document it. Here we go, in no particular order:

  • I’ll miss how nice people are to you when you’re heavily pregnant. They move out of the way. They smile. They hold doors. They give up their seats. They tell you that you look great. Even when you know it’s a complete lie.
  • I’ll miss feeling her move around inside of me. She definitely has a little schedule going on inside there, and it’s been fun getting to know her that way.
  • I’ll miss my handy stomach table.
  • I’ll miss the look of the big baby bump. Not the feel of it, mind you, but I’ve come to really appreciate the way it looks. Actually, I don’t know that I’ll actually miss that…..

And, well, that’s about it.

In case I ever get the crazy notion that I want to do this whole thing again, I figure I should also document all of the things I won’t miss:

  • The pain in my feet.
  • The pain in my back.
  • The pain in my stomach.
  • The intense nerve pain when she presses her head down, giving the sensation of being kicked in the crotch forcefully and repeatedly!
  • The “only being able to sleep on my side with a pillow between my knees” thing.
  • The hot flashes. OMG, the hot flashes!!
  • The nausea. (Though I must admit it’s not solely from pregnancy)
  • The shortness of breath.
  • The sometimes brutal pain of her moving inside of me. I know that contradicts the bit above, but toward the end, the movements have become quite painful.
  • The inability to paint my toenails. Or shave my legs standing up. Or see my lady bits. Or sit up from a lying down position without a helping hand.

Ok, enough of my whining! It hasn’t been that bad (cough, cough), and I know that the second she’s in my arms, all of the bad things will melt away and it all will have been worth it.

I’ll end on a lighter, happier note. I put this collage together of some of my growing belly, pregnancy pictures. I’ve never created a collage like this, though I’ve seen them. I have to say I’m pretty damn proud of myself for figuring it all out on my own. It’s the little things, people.