Remember how I told you that I was going to make a bird mobile with the little fabric birds that my mom and I sewed together? Yeah, well that didn’t exactly work the way I wanted it to. See on the wall above the crib, is baby girl’s name (first and middle) in wooden letters that we painted. So hanging a mobile down to hover above the crib would have blocked the letters, and I didn’t want to do that.

I had to devise a new plan. I still wanted to incorporate the branch idea, so I decided to just get the branches and place the birds on top. That’s what I did this past weekend, and this is how they turned out:

Yep, those two are kissing. And it might even be two girls! Scandalous, I know:)

My original thought was that I would sew some thread through the bottom of the birds, then wrap said thread around the branches, both securing the bird to the branches AND bundling the branches together. That didn’t work so well. I ended up using wood glue to just glue the branches together, and fabric glue to glue the birds on top. It ended up being much easier and faster.

I think they turned our really cute, and might be one of my favorite aspects of the room now. I haven’t decided for sure where to hang them. I’m still thinking one will go on each side of her name on the wall (which was my original thought). But I also have another wall that I’m thinking about, so I’ll just have to play around with them to decide where I think they look best.

Whatever I decide, I just need to do it quickly! Not that they have to be up by the time she’s born, but that time is approaching rather quickly. So if I do want them up by then, I need to do it fast! We’re eight days from my due date now. I can’t even believe it!

These very well could be my last belly pictures, so I thought I’d share.

You see that?! The belly button is still intact! Well it’s pretty much non-existent at this point, but at least it’s not an outie. That’s a success in my book!

I can’t believe I could have a baby any day now. It’s so surreal. I don’t know if my mind could ever be fully prepared for such a thing, but my body is most definitely ready to not be pregnant anymore. And I think the tenant in my belly is feeling the same way. It’s like I can feel the frustration in her when she kicks around. Like “HELLO, I need some more space here, people!” So I think she’s getting ready to make her grand debut. It’s nerve-wracking not knowing when exactly that will be, but for now we’re just playing the waiting game, wondering everyday, could this be the day?