I was sitting in a meeting at work the other day when the baby gave a big kick and I grabbed my stomach. One of my coworkers leaned over and said, “Oh, Rubiana!”

That’s what she calls the baby since she doesn’t know her real name. It’s after our other coworker Ruben. She jokes that I should name the baby after Ruben, hence “Rubiana” or sometimes, “Rubina.”

Ruben himself calls the baby Katelyn because he had a dream that that’s what I was naming her. He came to work all excited one day, saying he had a guess on the name because he dreamt that I slipped up and said it. I’ve assured him that it’s not Katelyn, but he continues to call her that. “How’s Katelyn doing today?” he’ll ask when I walk in.

My dad always asks how “Michelle” is doing. You guessed it; his name is Michael…and he actually doesn’t want to know the name, so he doesn’t. Though I would tell him if he asked. And our friend Jessica has temporarily named her Sage. I love all of the nicknames that people have come up with for her. It always makes me smile when someone asks how baby _______ is doing. It’s easy for all sorts of nicknames to pop up when the name isn’t known and it’s been fun to hear what people come up with and the guesses that they have.

I just hope that when she’s born and we actually reveal the name, people aren’t disappointed because of the suspense that has built up naturally from not knowing the name.