The Room

So now that we’ve cleared out The Room that will become the baby’s room, we can finally start the process of putting it back together and decorating it. Before I get started, let me emphasize that I am not by an stretch of the imagination a designer/decorator. It’s like the “style” of my clothes: I can recognize something I like when I see it, but somehow accomplishing the look myself is very difficult. I think that’s because I’m impatient and cheap. You can’t be either of those things (especially impatient) if you want to find good stuff.

Ok, so now that that’s out of the way, you should have very low expectations for the nursery. Just the way I like it since it’s much harder to disappoint when you have low expectations:)

It took me a long time to figure out what kind of theme I wanted for The Room, but ultimately used a fabric for my inspiration. The fabric itself is too busy (and expensive!) for me to make bedding or curtains from, so I had to think of another way to incorporate it into the room. I decided on wall art. Here’s kind of what I’m thinking:

Those will be stapled to canvas or wood, and of course ironed first. Then they’ll be hung on the wall above the changing table/dresser. I used the colors in the purple swatch for wall color inspiration since we didn’t want pink, and the the green is a little too green. So this weekend we went to Home Depot, argued over some paint colors and then finally settled on a light purple and dark purple (those aren’t the technical names). There will only be one painted wall because the room is pretty tiny and we didn’t want it to feel any smaller than it already is.

And then we painted! Wait, did I say we? I meant Nathan. He wouldn’t let me near the paint since it can be dangerous for pregnant women and their babies.

Ta Da!

Next up is painting on a white tree with dark purple birds….using stencils of course! I still have no idea what to do for crib bedding, but I feel sure it will be a solid color of some sort. I don’t think we want to add in any other patterns. I also don’t know about curtains. Lastly I think we’ll use some of the leftover purple paints to paint wooden letters that spell her name and put those above the crib. Cliche I know, but I kinda really like her name, so I want it displayed.

Anyway, that’s where we are right now in Project Baby Room. Like I said, I’m not a designer and I still feel a little bit unsure about everything. So feedback or new ideas would be awesome if you have any. I’m pretty sure I’ll have little pieces of extra fabric, so I’m trying to come up with ideas for that. I can’t throw it away; it was too expensive. I’m thinking of a throw pillow for the rocking chair or a cork board type thing to display photos, but new ideas would be great!