Pack Rat

Part of preparing for the arrival of our best girl has been preparing the room that will become hers. We have a three bedroom house with a designated room for an office, so we’ve always been able to use both extra rooms as spare bedrooms. For us that has meant two full closets to accumulate stuff. Lots and lots of stuff. Going through all of that stuff was a little bit tedious, and here’s why: I’m a pack rat.

Every time I’ve had to move, I’ve made this same realization. With each move, I’ve gotten rid of some of the extra stuff, but even still, there is so much. Some of it is just purely sentimental and I doubt I’ll ever be able to just throw it away. If you’ve sent me a card in the last say, 10 years, I probably still have it (unless you just signed your name; in which case, sorry!). Since I’ve never journaled, I kind of use old notes, cards, and emails as a journal of times passed. I doubt this will ever change.

At one point Nathan asked if we could throw away one of my old suitcases. A reasonable request considering we got a new luggage set when we got married, and this particular suitcase has a broken handle and broken side zipper. But you guys!! That suitcase has been all over the world with me. It traveled throughout Europe with me on the most amazing trip I’ve ever been on. Incidentally, the handle broke right as I pulled the suitcase off of the carousel when I arrived in London (my first stop). I think it’s been to Australia with me, probably Mexico, definitely Florida and California. It’s stupid, I know, but I just couldn’t get rid of it yet. Some day.

The other stuff though? Not sentimental at all. I just have a really hard time throwing away or giving away something that I might need or want some day. I need to work on this. I’m especially bad about this when it comes to clothes, but it doesn’t stop there. We must have found at least five old cell phones, cords to who knows what, pamphlets and recovery discs for a laptop that I haven’t used in at least five years, and curtains that I bought for like $5 on clearance that I never used. I didn’t even remember that I had all of that crap. So the chances of me actually ever needing or wanting it again AND remembering that I had it AND knowing where to look for it AND finding it? I’m going to go with slim to none. We managed to fill my entire small SUV with stuff to be taken to Goodwill, plus two trash bags of stuff to be thrown away.

The scariest part of all is that all of this new stuff that we’re accumulating (i.e. baby stuff) will be the hardest to get rid of someday. Even before she’s born, it’s hard to think about ever giving away her teeny tiny baby clothes or books that I will read to her over and over or her favorite blankie or every single little piece of artwork that she ever creates. I guess we’re just going to have to get a bigger house with more closets! Works for me.

And just because this post wouldn’t be complete without some pictures, here are more belly shots. Tired of those yet?

Whoa! That's a big belly!