I Hate My Neighbor

Many weeks ago when Nathan was out working in the yard, he came in to tell me that our next door neighbor was also pregnant. We’ve never really talked to them (which I hate), but out of curiosity, I wanted to go see her bump. At the time, it seemed our bumps were pretty close in size. But the more I thought about it, and the more I noticed her body type (read: tall and very thin), the more I started to think she was probably a little ways ahead of me. I was thinking maybe July for her due date or sometime in that range.

Fast forward many weeks (6 maybe?), and that brings us to last week. Our living room window looks out to the front yard/street, and Nathan happened to look out just as our neighbor and her husband arrived home from a walk…….pushing a stroller! What?!?! There is no way she looked anywhere close to delivering a baby when I saw her last! Maybe the baby was born really early, I thought. But then no, chances are they wouldn’t be home already and prancing around the neighborhood if that were the case. I had to accept the truth: she just never got very big, and I’m going to get way bigger! She’s probably wondering why I haven’t already had my baby since my bump now is likely bigger than hers ever was. Oh well, I told myself, everyone is different, and I quite like my bump (for the time being)!

But then? Then she went and did something completely unforgivable. Yesterday, a mere two weeks or so after giving birth, and as I was laying on the couch watching The Office finale, she was out edging the grass. Ok, I guess that’s not so horrible. It gets worse though. After that, she pulled out the lawn mower (not a self-propelled one, Nathan pointed out- thanks, Dear!) and mowed the entire lawn! What are you trying to do to me woman?! Number one, you’re making me feel like a complete slug, and number two, you’re giving my husband crazy notions that I should/could be out mowing the grass a couple of weeks after having our baby. Nope, not going to happen. Especially if it’s as hot as it was yesterday!

You know what? I bet she didn’t even go to the hospital to have the baby. She was probably in the middle of scrubbing the floors or running a marathon (something like that) when her water broke, so she took a quick break to pop the baby out and then got back to what she was doing. Maybe a normal person would use this as motivation to become more active, but me? I just wish she’d go be Superwoman somewhere else. Where I can’t see it and can therefore pretend that women like that don’t exist.

But I’m not bitter or anything. Moving right along….

Last week marked 26 weeks! I can’t believe I’m just about into my third trimester. Whoa. Baby girl is super active these days, and one of my favorite things to do is to sit and watch my belly move as she rolls around. Sometimes it’s like a clap of thunder, where she just really quickly jabs me. Other times, I can tell she’s actually moving positions, so the movements are slower and more controlled. It always puts a smile on my face to feel her moving, and this part of pregnancy has finally made me understand how so many women say it’s amazing to be pregnant. It really is so neat to feel another human floating in your belly! I’ve also been feeling great these past several weeks, which makes all the difference. I’ve been noticing many contractions (a few a day), which I never knew started this early, but apparently, it’s totally normal. My body is just practicing for the big show!

Yesterday, we bought a crib and changing table! That’s really exciting for me because I’m getting really anxious to get the nursery put together. I couldn’t justify spending hundreds of dollars on a new crib, plus hundreds more on the changing table, so we opted to go the used route, and found our favorite brand crib at a fantastic price. Once we get it put together and more of the room assembled, I’ll post some pictures.

Speaking of pictures, I’ll quit rambling now and post my most recent belly shots: