My nemesis: Cilantro

Last week we were eating at a place where you can build your own burrito. It’s a local place, not the big chain you may be thinking of. (Sidenote: I HATE to end this sentence with a preposition but I feel like saying “not the big chain of which you may be thinking” sounds supremely snobby)

Anyway. I put together the perfect burrito filled with spanish rice, black beans, cheese, chicken, tomatoes, and my favorite: guacamole. Sliced avocados would have been my first choice, but they were more expensive, so I went with the guacamole because Nathan’s cheapΒ I’m cheap. Big mistake. Why you ask? Because inside the guacamole lay a hidden evil. Cilantro.

I don’t know what it is about cilantro, but I despise it. I can taste the offending herb immediately in a dish and though I can sometimes force it down if there isn’t too much, I hate it. Even the smell is gross to me. I’m not sure when I discovered this hatred, but somewhere along the way, I also discovered that there’s actually a pretty big group of people just like me! Certified cilantro haters. Somehow I came across an article about it in the NY Times, and was fascinated to learn that scientists believe it may be genetic. So it’s not my fault that I hate cilantro. Just google “cilantro haters” and you will come up with pages of results: news articles, blogs dedicated to hating cilantro, facebook pages, etc.

I ended up finishing that burrito, making every effort to fish out the vile substance as I went along. But it reminded me once again how much I do NOT like cilantro (have I made that clear enough in this post?!). And I do not appreciate it sneaking its way in to some of my favorite foods. Unfortunately I think the majority of people are against me on this one, so I’ll just have to start telling restaurants I’m allergic to it suck it up. Do you hate any foods that other people love?