This and That

Summer has arrived here in Texas, and it seems to be here to stay. Luckily we’re still having really nice days mixed in with the too-warm-for-April days. Last weekend was perfection, and I was inspired by my friend’s (you know who you are!) picture on facebook to make  to have Nathan make kebabs for dinner.

They were delicious! I’ve really been craving fresh veggies for dinner (and Nathan is forcing meat on me: “you need to eat more protein!”), and lucky for me, one of my favorites is now in season: corn on the cob! It’s been a favorite since childhood, and we’ve bought lots of it the past couple of weeks because I can’t seem to get enough.

Speaking of fresh, healthy foods, does anyone watch Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution? It’s back on for a second season, and I find myself watching again with complete disgust and astonishment at what kids are fed in schools. If you have a kid in public schools (or ever intend to), you should check it out. I love that it’s bringing this issue to the forefront, and hopefully getting people riled up like it’s gotten me. I told Nathan in no uncertain terms that we will be packing our daughter’s (that’s so weird to write!) lunches when she goes to school. I can’t believe the kinds of “foods” these kids are given. And then we wonder why we have an obesity crisis.

In baby news, last Thursday marked the official halfway point in my pregnancy. Woohoo! We commemorated the occasion by taking this cheesy picture:

I also had Nathan start what will be our weekly tradition for the next 20 or so weeks. As I mentioned before, I’ll take a picture each week in the same place, from the same angle, and in the same clothes (assuming they still fit!) from here on out. Then at the end, I’ll have a nice collection of photos showing the progression. I have to say that I’m pretty afraid of how big I’m going to get considering that I’m only halfway and already so big! Yikes.

Sadly, the “morning” sickness seems to be back with a vengeance these past several days. It really depresses me as I thought I had moved past that lovely part of the pregnancy. And it’s not just depressing, but actually a big distraction at work at a time when I really don’t need any of those. Hopefully it gets better soon and for good.