19 weeks and an Ultrasound

Today I am 19 weeks and 3 days pregnant. Yes, every day counts. In regular person speak, that’s about 5 months along. Here’s what the bump is looking like:

Sorry for the bad quality. I figured at 20 weeks I’d start taking weekly photos in the same spot, wearing the same thing, and most importantly, with Nathan photographing. That should help with the quality, and I think it will be fun to have a week-to-week progression when it’s all over.

Anyway, moving on to our ultrasound that we had yesterday. I didn’t sleep well on Thursday night. I was like a little kid on Christmas Eve. Then Friday morning I got so nervous. I couldn’t figure out why I was so nervous, but it was a little disconcerting. I don’t think it was because I had a strong preference for one sex over the other; I think it was because I felt so sure about what it was. If I had been wrong, I would definitely have been disappointed. Again, not because I didn’t want one or the other, but because I would have been wrong. And I was so sure. I think that’s why I was so nervous leading up to the big reveal. At least that’s what I’m going to tell myself, and I really believe it.

As it turns out, I was not wrong. For so long, I’ve just known that my first baby would be a girl. And she is! I’m very, very excited! I’m also a little bit scared. For the past several weeks, I’ve questioned myself and thought how scary girls can be. What if she hates me some day? That will absolutely break my heart. But even in the moments that I wondered if a boy would be easier, I think I always knew she was a girl (though I didn’t want to broadcast that because I didn’t want to look like an idiot if I was wrong). It’s hard to explain, and I really don’t feel like I’ll have such clarity with our next child. But with this one, I knew.

I didn’t go to work after the ultrasound, but rather went to meet up with a couple of good friends for lunch. My friend Jen (hi Jen!) was so cute and brought a pink gift bag and a blue gift bag, so that she was prepared either way. I wasn’t expecting that at all and it was so sweet! Now our baby girl has some adorable new clothes- her only clothes at this point actually! I have to admit, I’m really excited to shop for this little lady. Perhaps I’ll have more success at dressing her stylishly than I do myself! How cute is this stuff?

Now it’s on to the name selection. There are lots of girl names that I love, but it’s so different when you’re thinking about names hypothetically, and when you’re actually going to name a real human. It’s definitely a tough decision, and we want to make sure we pick the perfect name. I had always imagined going into the delivery room with 2-3 names that we love and then deciding once we see the baby. But that idea is probably out since we’ll be lucky to agree on one name! Any favorite girl names?