Pregnancy and My Diet

Before I became pregnant, I had some pretty lofty goals. Hmmm…why do I feel like I’ll be starting a post just like this in about a year, only replacing “pregnant” with “a parent”? Just a guess! Anyway, back to the pregnancy for now.

I always envisioned that when I was pregnant, I would be the healthiest I’ve ever been. Over the past couple of years, I’ve worked hard to learn more about food and where most of ours comes from. I’ve been alarmed and disgusted by much of what I’ve learned, which resulted in me making some changes in the way I eat. I always imagined that when I became pregnant, I would really kick that into high gear. I had visions of lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, no high fructose corn syrup, no junk food/fast food, no caffeine, etc.

Sadly it hasn’t gone quite as I’d hoped and planned. Much in the same way that this pregnancy has knocked me on my butt in other ways, it’s also done a number on my eating habits. I’m hoping that since I’m past (knock on wood) the worst of the sickness, this will begin to change, but I’ve also realized that I should lower my expectations so as not to beat myself up if things don’t go according to my master plan. In the big picture, I’m sure I’m not doing any long term damage to my child by not eating perfectly, but I’ve always wanted to give my kid the best start possible, and I think that starts with what they “eat” in the womb, not just once they’re out. I’m disappointed in myself, and trying not to feel guilty, but it’s difficult when you’ve thought so long and hard about something.

Seeing the physical effects of my poor eating habits has been humbling as well. At my last doctor’s appointment, I discovered that I’ve already gained ten pounds! I know that’s not a completely crazy number, but I can definitely tell it’s not just from being pregnant; it’s from eating crap. To me, it’s not about how much I weigh, but rather if I know I’m eating healthfully that’s most important. So I have every intention of jumping back on the wagon now that I’m feeling better and can take the time and energy to eat well…because let’s face it, it does take time and energy to eat well! In the beginning, I didn’t have much of either, so I’d eat anything fast that sounded like it wouldn’t make me more sick.

I’ll leave you with the most recent picture I’ve taken of the bump and you can judge for yourself:) This is just before 17 weeks: