Back in the Saddle!

This weekend was by far the most nausea-free one that I’ve had since I’ve been pregnant. What a relief! I’m feeling pretty exhausted most of the time still, but I’ll take that any day over the nausea.

So Saturday I got out and ran a few errands while Nathan and his dad dug out the wooden slats in our driveway and replaced them with a sand/concrete mixture. For some reason this has been a top priority for Nathan recently. Maybe he’s starting his “nesting” phase a little bit early.

On my way home, Nathan texted me to ask if I could pick up a twelve pack for him and his dad. I was right next to the CVS up the street, so I pulled in there. Right up front was an “Expectant Mother” parking spot. I find those to be pretty silly, but I was a hypocrite and decided to use it anyway. So here I am, with my little baby bump, parked in the special spot, and I run in for a twelve pack of Bud Light. Classy. Don’t worry, I only drank two.


Remember this cutie? Well Saturday afternoon I met her and her parents at the park to take some six month pictures. She has definitely grown, but she’s as adorable as ever.

The car ride had put her to sleep, so she was still napping when they got there, but a few minutes later, she woke up on her own and was in a great mood!

She’s definitely an easy one to photograph….

Seriously, how cute is she?!



You talkin' about me?!

So, that was fun. After that, I zipped home to pick up Nathan, and we headed over to our friends’ house for dinner. It had been forever since we had one of our couples dinners together, so it was so nice to finally pick up where we left off. Nathan and I are scheduled to host next, so I’ll be looking for some good recipe ideas soon!