Fresh Air

The weather this week has been fantastic! Sunday afternoon the clouds burned off, the sun came out, temperatures were in the low 80’s (!) and it was gorgeous. And since then, it’s stayed perfect. Nice breezes, sunny skies and mid-70’s! Monday we even took a “frisbee” break at work to go out in the courtyard and throw around a frisbee. Yep, Spring is quickly approaching, and I’m so excited!

I’m looking forward to Texas wildflowers, picture taking in said wildflowers, green grass, long strolls, and backyard picnics. There’s a trail that connects just down the street from our house, and it’s awesome! When the weather is nice, we love to go for bike rides or walks. The trail goes on for miles and miles and connects to several parks, one of which is right on a small lake where you can canoe or fish or just stare at the water. Well, it’s been a while since the weather has been nice and I’ve felt good, so Sunday when both conditions were met, we decided to go for a stroll. I wish I could say that it was perfect, but the truth is that I started to feel pretty sick on the walk back. BUT! It was still so nice to get out of the house and get some fresh air!

Since I’m too lazy at the moment to upload my pictures from Sunday, I’ll reminisce with some old pictures of our adventures on and around the trail. I’m so excited for Spring and more trips on the trail!

It's not this green yet, but it will get there!

The lake

Ah, good times indeed!