Life is always a work in progress, right? I tend to think so. Anyway, a while back I wrote about how un-domestic I am. I was determined to remedy the situation though. The first step was to purchase some serving platters so I wouldn’t have to use mixing bowls as a serving dish.

Friday night I was put to the test when I hosted our book club at my house for the first time. And it was nice because I actually had everything I needed in order to present the food nicely! Next on my life resolution list will be to actually be the type of person who can come up with original food to serve, rather than the typical fruit and veggie trays. In my defense, I had felt crummy all week and didn’t make it to the grocery store until Friday after work, so I didn’t have much in the way of time.

But I think it looked pretty, and I had fun with all the ladies. That’s what matters after all.

That empty plate would hold mini quiches....

I really, really like fruit. These pictures are making me hungry….

One of the benefits of hosting our book club is that you get to select the next month’s book choice. I had a few books on my shelf that I had yet to read, so I put it up for a vote. We ended up selecting The Glass Castle. Have you read it? I’ve only just started it and already it’s crazy. But so far I’m enjoying it, and I think it will make for a good discussion next month!