Snow Day 2011

Friday we finally got a snow day. I say finally simply because it seems the rest of Texas had been getting snow for days. We’d been having crazy cold temperatures for days, but no precipitation. I have no idea how people survive winters up north where it’s that cold for months rather than days. That kind of cold just physically hurts, and I am not a fan. Luckily it’s rare for us.

Anyway, the city reacted as any city in Texas should when snow falls. The whole place shut down. School was cancelled, businesses were closed, and pretty much everyone got the day off. All for about an inch of snow that was melted by noon. Have I mentioned that I love Texas?

And as any good Texas resident would do, I went and took pictures. Now I share them with you:

Snow blowing off the roof.....

Snow blowing off the roof.....


I call this one, the road less travelled.