Dinner Dilemma

Around these parts, we like leftovers. And by “these parts” I refer only to our house, not the whole state of Texas or anything. Sunday afternoons we like to make a big batch of something that will last for a few days. It makes it really nice to not have to think about dinner for a few days. There is no rushing home to try to figure out what to throw together; it’s already done.

Some of our favorites include chili, meatloaf, and lasagna. These are all things that keep fairly well and can be made big enough to last a few days. A few weeks ago when it was pretty cold outside, we attempted our first batch of beef stew.

It turned out great, and we were eating stew for days. Mmmmm…..

We didn’t get around to making anything like that this week. I think we’re out of fresh ideas, and for the past few weeks I’ve been wanting to eat different things every night, so that’s a bit of a challenge. But I still really like not having to cook when I get home from work. It’s quite the dilemma. The never-ending dinner dilemma.

So what do you do for dinner? Do you cook every night? Go out to eat? Rotate a few favorites (as we typically do)? Come up with new, exciting, and fresh ideas every week? I want to hear your dinner routines!