He Never Learns

Remember how I told you that my cat gets in to everything? Well it was no lie. And no exaggeration. I took some pictures of his latest stunt just for you. I call it “Head in a box.”

That’s right. His head is in a kleenex box.

Nathan and I were suffering from some pretty nasty allergies last week, and were going through boxes of tissue like they were going out of style. Mr. Bo, being the curious cat that he is, needed to know exactly what was going on with all of these boxes. So naturally, he stuck his head inside.

And then he freaked out.

You see the hole was big enough for his head to fit in, but when he tried to pull it back out, it was stuck. He couldn’t see anything, and started going crazy. Nice people would simply have removed the box from his head and consoled him. But what did we do? We laughed hysterically as he shook his head around and walked backwards, trying to remove the box himself. And we took pictures. And video.

I mean, really. Isn’t that what pets are for? Entertainment? We agree.