Say what?!

This morning I was awoken at 2:30 by a hand on my arm, shaking it. “Hey you guys. Hey you guys,” Nathan said. Huh? What’s going on? I rolled over and said, “What?”

“Look at this.” It took me a second to realize that Nathan was talking in his sleep. And not just talking, but gesturing. And speaking very clearly, not muttering. “Look at what?” I asked. He was holding his left arm up and cupping his hand as if there were something in it. The he snapped his right fingers and slapped his left hand/arm with his right hand. Then he kind of chuckled. “Heh, I got it to beep.”

At that point, he kind of sighed and rolled over, and just as quickly as the talking began, it stopped. I was kind of bummed actually. I was hoping he might spill some juicy gossip like, “I got my wife this totally amazing gift and hid it in the guest bedroom closet.” No such luck. But the whole thing did make me laugh, so I proceeded to wake him up and tell him about his conversation and ask what he meant. He said he was dreaming that he was showing us (whoever “us” is) something on his iPod touch and was “proving a point.” Oh, well that certainly clears everything up!

Sleep walking, sleep talking, dreams….it’s all so fascinating to me. I’ve read about couples who can’t sleep in the same bed together because one of them actually gets violent during their sleep. Yikes! I hope Nathan just sticks with the talking!