Nathan’s Secret Talent!

I’m not sure if you know this, but Nathan and I are pretty big college football nerds. Nathan is definitely the bigger nerd in the relationship, but I can admit to being quite a nerd myself.

One of the consequences of said nerdiness is our participation in the Snap, Tackle, and Pop Fantasy Football League. Last night we had our first annual (I hope) owner’s party to celebrate the season and recognize the winner. Nathan was not about to let the champion go without a trophy, so last weekend, we searched high and low for a second hand trophy. We went to three different Goodwill stores hoping that someone would have discarded a horribly tacky trophy for us to snag.

There was no such luck, and we soon realized that if there was to be a trophy, it would have to be created. At our third Goodwill store, we found the perfect supplies! Behold, Nathan’s masterpiece:

Have you ever seen a more spectacularly tacky trophy? I thought not! Now let me share with you the fine details. For the base of the trophy, we discovered a bizarre, yet simultaneously cute (my word, not Nathan’s) monkey lamp. We immediately knew it was the perfect trophy base.

Check out the detailing!

For the top of the trophy, we narrowed it down to two choices: a unicorn head or a hulk fist. As you can see, we went with the Hulk fist, so that a football could be inserted. Though I think the unicorn would have also been funny, the Hulk fist was the obvious choice. After all, it’s not just any Hulk fist, but a talking Hulk fist!

I was a slightly embarrassed by our strange purchases, so I stood off to the side, while Nathan payed. But I could still hear parts of the conversation. I heard the lady ask, “Wow, is that a monkey?!” Then she proceeded to tell Nathan that there was another Hulk fist in the back if he wanted it. Um, I think the one will do, thanks. Nathan tells me that he told her of his plans to turn the lamp base and Hulk fist into a trophy and spray paint it gold. To which she could only reply, “Oh.” I don’t even want to know what she thought of us!

The next stop was Target for the little football, and Home Depot for the gold spray paint to complete the project. I don’t know about you, but I think Nathan could have a promising future in trophy design. I think it was a hit, and it’s definitely raised the stakes for next year’s competition. Here is our winner, Matt, aka “Orakpowned” proudly displaying his trophy!

And here we all are, dressed in our team name costumes:

Luckily, as “LadyLonghorn”, my costume was quite simple. Good times, indeed!