It turns out squash is pretty good!

A few months ago when we started having dinner parties with two other couples, the idea was that we would all broaden our horizons a little bit and hopefully share some recipes. It’s been a while since we all got together for dinner (sad face), but the last time we did, it was fantastic. I really loved the dinner, so I decided to replicate it at home. The nice thing about it? It’s super easy, which is a huge bonus for me. All you do is chop up a butternut squash, some shallots, and add brown sugar and olive oil and pepper (if you want).

Then you just bake it until the squash is tender. Meanwhile, cook some fresh pasta. When it’s all done, throw the squash and shallots on top of the pasta, and voila! Dinner is served.

And it’s delicious. I don’t think I had ever tried butternut squash before, and for some reason squash always sounds gross to me. I have bad associations from childhood. You know the whole, you’re not leaving the table until you eat all of that nasty, smushy vegetable on your plate kind of thing. But butternut squash is nothing like yellow squash and as a lover of sweet potatoes and pumpkins, this was just up my alley. It was like a combination of the two. I would never have thought to put it on pasta, but dang it’s good! You should try it.

Thanks for sharing, Jess!