It seems….

that not much has changed in 47 years.

This past weekend we were in Dallas for the Big 12 Championship (football) game with Nathan’s uncle and cousin who flew in from Omaha. We had some time to kill on Saturday before the game, and Nathan’s uncle really wanted to take us to the 6th Floor Museum, aka the spot from which Kennedy was assassinated. The museum itself was really interesting, and I learned a lot that I had either never known or had forgotten over the years.

The building he was shot from...

What struck me the most were the newspaper articles on display from the Dallas Morning News the day of Kennedy’s visit. There was also this:

It all sounds so familiar. Where had I heard such things before? Oh, that’s right. Here:

Welcome to Texas, y'all!

This picture was on the side of the highway just outside of Dallas. The very next billboard was this one:

Just to reinforce that to believe that Obama is a socialist is to be a patriot– a “real” American.

It’s just funny to see how, despite vast amounts of change in the last half century, there are still some things that will always remain the same. Like politics. Which is unfortunate. Because of all the things that could use a little bit of change, politics is at the top of the list.