“Man, I feel like a woman”

I told you a while back that I have no sense of style. Well, that’s still true. But Sunday I made a purchase that I’m pretty proud of.

We were out doing some shopping for Nathan. He never buys clothes or shoes, and was in need of a new wardrobe few essentials. Let me just say that shopping with and for someone else kind of sucks. Especially when said person doesn’t like any of the things I pick out for them! But that’s not the point here.

Nathan desperately needed some new shoes, so we headed over to DSW. I don’t know how to describe what came over me when I saw this pair of heels. It was love at first sight. I tried them on, but they were too small, so I frantically looked for a bigger size. Here’s the thing. I’m not really a heels wearing kind of gal. In fact I can’t say I’ve ever owned any heels like this. My practical side kept insisting that I will never wear these shoes, but something deep within urged me to throw caution to the wind and just buy them.

Since this was supposed to be Nathan’s shopping trip, I asked him about the shoes. I told him that I knew I didn’t need them, that I would probably never wear them, and that there were some really cute sandals that I was also considering. But he liked the heels. So it was settled.

I now have a pair of smoking hot red heels that I’ll be shocked to wear twice, but I don’t even care. Just having them in my closet makes me feel a bit like a different person. Like the kind with sexy shoes in their closet. Now if I can just become the type to wear sexy shoes, I’ll be all set!

Hello, lovah!