Kittens! Brought to you by….kittens!

Before Nathan and I met he rescued two kittens. By the time I came along, they were pretty comfortable with Nathan but still terrified of strangers. I was jealous that they would come up and snuggle with him, but they wouldn’t even let me pet them.

I knew that once we were married, they would become my cats too (stepcats if you will), but it didn’t feel like it. While they had become more comfortable with me over time, they still didn’t feel like they were mine, and I wanted a kitten of my own. One that would love me as much as Nathan, preferably more.

So I told Nathan this and he said I needed to wait until we moved out of our apartment and into our new house because three cats in an apartment was bordering on insanity, and we needed more space first. I waited patiently. We moved in in January (2008) and he said we needed to get everything settled in first, so no kitty yet. In April I brought up the idea of a kitten again, and he still said the time wasn’t right. But I’d had enough of this, so one day I told him that I was going to the pet store and if I fell in love with a kitty, it was coming home with me! He didn’t like my attitude.

Well, I found the perfect kitten and he took right to me. I called Nathan to give him the great news, but he wasn’t too pleased. If I were a submissive wife, that would have been the end of it. But I’m not and it wasn’t. Behold Mr. Bojangles as a kitten:

You can already see the evil twinkle in his eyes.

It wasn’t long before he started to show his true colors, but we brushed it off as typical hyper kitten behavior. He got into absolutely everything!

At first it was cute. Like I said, we were still in the honeymoon phase, and assumed this was just regular kitten stuff.

But as he grew, so did his confidence, and one day we walked into the bathroom to discover this:

He jumped from the window ledge to the very skinny top of the shower. And instead of mellowing out as he has aged, he continues to get into everything. He’s the nosiest cat I’ve ever known. Anytime there is a new object in the house he has to check it out, and probably get inside of it.

Under the door mat.

Not only that, but he bullies his older brother, running up to him and biting him for no reason. Sometimes they get along though and it’s pretty cute. They even have a matching white patch on their backs!

Mr. Bo and Wilbur

He seriously drives me crazy sometimes with his antics. He runs around the house at times like he’s just hit the crack pipe. But then does something like this, and gets back into my good graces.

Just love me!

How could you stay mad at that face? If nothing else, I feel he has prepared me for having a toddler in the house (someday) as I’m constantly having to get him off of and out of things, we can’t leave him in the same room as the Christmas tree, and we can’t leave any closet doors open for fear of what he might destroy. Just like a toddler right? I’m not really comparing your child to my cat…just so we’re clear.

The moral of the story is that maybe Nathan was right….Actually no, there’s no moral to this story, just pictures of a crazy cat.