A Very Happy Birthday!

Once again, I’m going to let my pictures do all of the talking.

Last weekend was my birthday, so I did a few of the things that I love best. Saturday I met up with my sister and her three kiddos at the park. The weather was gorgeous, and sitting in the shade watching the boys play while snuggling my niece was perfection. Of course, I had to experiment with the new lens that my wonderful husband got me for my birthday, so Clyde came along too.

Don’t worry, they don’t always go around in cowboy garb. They were dressed that way because they had just come from a rodeo-themed event at church.

Lilly hung out in the shade while the boys were…well boys. Ripping up grass to throw in the water, splashing in the water, throwing a football and running around like wild men.

The one thing that can calm them down is their baby sister. They really love her, and it’s so cute to watch them interact with her. She is a lucky girl to have two big brothers watching out for her.

Of course how could they NOT love this little sweetie?


Anyway, moving on…

Saturday night we went out to dinner with friends. I really wanted a place with a nice outdoor patio where we could sit outside and enjoy the fantastic weather. We found such a place, and it was exactly what I was craving, both in food and ambience.

It was a wine bar slash italian restaurant, so as you can imagine, the wine selection was great.

The company wasn’t so bad either…

After dinner, we went to one of my favorite coffee shops, where I took more pictures  we sipped coffee, ate dessert,

played cards,

talked and laughed.

It was a great day and night, and a perfect celebration of another year of this crazy, wonderful life I’m so blessed to be living.

But like all good things, it came to an end and Sunday was back to household chores and errand running.

Um yeah, I guess I really didn’t “let my pictures do the talking.” Sorry about that. As it turns out, I’m pretty wordy.