Too Good to be True

The thing I like about WordPress is that it gives me all kinds of stats about my blog. It tells me how many views I get per day {not very many}. It tells me if someone came to my site by clicking on a link on another site {not often}. That can be really confusing actually. Sometimes the other site is about home mortgages and I know that there is no link to my site there. Still haven’t figured that out. It tells me if someone clicks on one of my pictures or any other link in my blog {pretty much never}. All pretty cool information.

My favorite part though is the part where it tells me what someone searched for that landed them on my site. I don’t get very much traffic at all from search engines, but occasionally I’ll get the random “braces again” search that will lead people to this post.

Today I got a search that made me laugh out loud. Mainly because I feel bad for the person who made the search and ended up on my site. I feel sure that my post about me and Clyde was not at all what they had in mind when they searched for “left her panties behind.” I can just imagine the excitement this guy {let’s be honest, we all know it was a guy!} felt when his search result brought up an EXACT match to those four little magical words. And then the utter disappointment in realizing that it was just a post about photography. And not even naked lady photography {hope no one searches “naked lady photography”}!

Poor guy. Back to square one. Better luck next time!