Scooping up the Light

I’ve had my eye on this thing called a Lightscoop for my camera. When my mom gave me some cash for my upcoming birthday, I figured it was the perfect time to finally buy it!

It arrived in the mail today, and I’ve already put it to the test. I almost never use my flash because I hate what it does to pictures. I much prefer natural lighting, but that’s not always possible, so sometimes I end up with very dark, grainy photos. I wanted an affordable solution to ugly flashes and had read about the Lightscoop on another blog recently. It really looked like it worked and since it was only $30, I decided to try it. I sound like a commercial, right? I wish. Sadly I’m not getting paid for this and I bought the Lightscoop all on my own; well I guess technically my mom bought it!

Anyway, you guys? I love it! Here are some pictures I took to show you the difference. This is without the Lightscoop and just using the regular flash:

Then I attached the Lightscoop and got this:

Doesn’t that look so much more natural?! Here is what this little gadget actually looks like attached to your camera:

Please ignore my ratty old shirt!

It’s basically just a mirror that clips on in front of your flash so that the light is bounced off of the ceiling instead of your subject’s face. So yeah, I guess technically you could just strap a small cosmetic mirror in front of your flash and get the same effect, but $30 is worth the convenience alone to me.

I’m sure the cat appreciates not having the flash blind him as much as I appreciate the fantastic lighting! It’s a win/win for everyone. I can’t wait to take more indoor photos now! And indoor photos used to be my least favorite because it’s so hard to get the lighting right.

So what do you think? Worth my $30 or am I giving it too much credit?