Come on over, we’ve got space at our table!

Have I told you about my in-laws before? Well here’s all you need to know about them: they are the best in the world.

No really, they are. I have a hard time understanding when people complain about their in-laws. Not because I can’t imagine how that relationship could be tough, but because it’s been the complete opposite experience for me.

My in-laws are some of the most generous, supportive, and loving people I’ve ever known. There’s nothing they wouldn’t do for us, and it’s such a nice feeling knowing that no matter what, they have our backs.

But let’s get back to that generous thing for a minute.

Two of their neighbors are moving and downsizing. Their new house won’t accomodate their dining room table, so from the get-go, my mother-in-law was scoping things out for us. She’s heard me complain that our table is too small and only has four chairs, making entertaining a bit of a challenge. I’ve been saying for a while that I wanted a bigger table. When she heard that their friends wouldn’t be taking their table, she immediately thought of us and asked if we might be interested. We said that of course we would be, but would have to see if we could afford it. The next night she called to say that she hoped we wouldn’t mind, but she went ahead and bought the table for us…could they rent a U-Haul and bring it over in two weeks? Um, yes please and thank you!

The crazy thing is that they do that sort of thing all the time! They take care of our cats when we go out of town {and frequently we come home to a refrigerator full of groceries}, they invite us over for dinner and send us home with loads of leftovers, they stop by {not without calling first} to bring us our favorite homemade cookies, they help us with all sorts of stuff around the house like installing ceiling fans, fixing our garage door, and lowering the water pressure in the sprinklers, they {and by “they” I mean Nathan’s mom} make us Easter baskets full of chocolate, wine, iTunes giftcards, and other goodies…I could go on and on, but you get it. They’re awesome. That’s the bottom line.

Anyway, Sunday they brought over the new dining room table and hutch that they got for us. I love it and it arrived just in time for our next turn to host dinner this weekend! Check it out:

It's all in the details....

Do you see that? Eight chairs! I don’t even have that many place mats! Now we don’t have to put stools on the end of the table just to get six spots.

It took 5 grown men to move this baby! It's extremely HEAVY!

And lastly the hutch, which may just be my favorite part of the whole thing! Now I just need some pretty stuff to put inside of it.

So as you can see, it doesn’t get much better in the in-law department than the ones I’ve been blessed with! They’re amazing…and not just because of the table.