Of music and blogs and other randomness

I apologize in advance because I know this post is going to jump all over the place. I’m feeling scatter-brained and unable to organize my thoughts.

Recently I’ve really wanted to broaden my horizons when it comes to music. I love music. I can’t imagine a life without music. I feel like it’s one of those universal things that can put a smile on your face, can move you to dance even when you know you can’t, and it can heal wounds and bring people together; at least I’ve had all of those experiences with music.

I’ve always gravitated toward pretty laid back, relaxing music (for the most part). I like music that makes me feel and I love songs whose lyrics really resonate with me.

And this is where the post switches gears. Many of my recent discoveries have come from one blogger in particular. I’ve been following his blog for close to a year and a half, ever since I saw him on Oprah (yes, her again). I was instantly moved by his story but didn’t look up his blog for several days because I knew it would be really hard to read. Of course once I started reading I couldn’t stop. His is a tragic but beautiful story. I can’t even tell you how many tears I’ve cried reading his words. And I don’t handle tragedy and death very well, so there have been many occasions where I’ve wondered why I kept reading, kept checking in. I finally realized that while his circumstances are devastating, it’s the most beautiful love story that I’ve ever read. {If you decide to check out Matt’s blog, I recommend starting at the beginning and having tissues nearby as you will almost certainly cry your eyes out}

This whole blogging and reading blogs thing is so bizarre. Especially when you are reading personal blogs, which is all that I read. I’ve tried really hard to remember how or why I first started reading blogs and for the life of me I can’t remember how I first stumbled across Rebecca Woolf’s blog. But somehow, stumble across it I did and I was instantly hooked to her amazing story-telling, her beautiful pictures and her overall attitude about life. From there I clicked on other blogs and more and more and more until I had a whole collection that I regularly read (many of which are not listed on my sidebar). And it’s strange the kind of connection you can feel to a complete stranger. Even though they are putting it out there, I still feel a little bit like an intruder in their lives and a not-so-secret stalker. Like I said, it’s all very strange.

So back to the music. Like I said, Matt introduced me to several of my new favorites, like Iron & Wine and Bon Iver. That’s what I love about blogs. You never know what you are going to get from it. I’ve gained new perspectives, I’ve discovered some really great new artists, I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, I’ve been inspired, I’ve learned photography tips, recipe ideas, craft ideas (that I will definitely be revisiting once we have kids), parenting tips and much more.

Why yes I DO need a new iPod, thanks for noticing!

In addition to the song on my iPod, I also love these songs by Iron & Wine: “Love & Some Verses”, “My Lady’s House”, “Jezebel”, and “Sunset Soon Forgotten”…among others. If you like those, you should also check out “Blood Bank”, “For Emma”, and “Skinny Love” by Bon Iver. I’m sure there are lots more great ones, but those are the ones that I’ve downloaded and loved so far. Happy listening and feel free to give me more suggestions!