Eat, Drink, and be Merry!

Lately it seems like the weeks are flying by! I feel like it will be Christmas before we know it, and it just seems impossible that 2010 is already drawing to a close. I guess that’s how it goes when you get older; you realize the value of time and by trying desperately to hold onto it you become more aware of it slipping away. Strange the way that works out. 

Anyway, this weekend was another great one in our house for the most part. Friday night we went to see The American with George Clooney (well we didn’t go with him, but he was in the movie). Here is my one word review: meh. 

Saturday morning we hung around the house until it was time to head out to the Tavern to watch some football with friends. Football season is definitely in full swing now! 

Ironically it was very warm in there!

 We ate burgers, drank some beer, and of course studiously watched some football. 

Nathan tallying up points...

 After that it was on to our friends’ house for dinner and more football, specifically the Texas game. With the end of summer and conflicting schedules, we hadn’t had one of our bi-weekly couples dinners in over a month, so it was nice to be able to do that. 

I swear we don't drink as much beer as these pictures imply!

 As usual, the food was delicious and the company was fun. We’re up next to host, so the pressure is on! Have I mentioned that I don’t exactly excel at domestic duties? Good thing I have Nathan. 


 I’d tell you about today’s activities, but it would put you sleep. In fact if it wouldn’t make me feel like such a slug, that’s exactly what I would have done all day: sleep. But alas there were more pressing things needing my attention. That and Nathan would never let me sleep all day. Thank goodness. 

Some days there is just a dark cloud that hovers above my head. Today was one of those days. I just couldn’t shake the gloom. Like I said, it’s a good thing I have Nathan around to force me to be a productive member of society!