The Good Life

I wish every weekend could be Labor Day Weekend (with a capitol W). Actually, I’d settle for just having three-day weekends every week. They don’t all have to be Labor Day Weekend.

But this weekend was especially great. It had all of the ingredients of a fun, busy, but still relaxing weekend.

There was outdoor dining on a perfect Friday night with a cool breeze. There was neighborhood walking with iPod listening early on Saturday morning. There was thrift store shopping and bargain buys. There was vegetable chopping, fruit washing, queso making, beer drinking, cookie baking and football watching.

There was boutique sale shopping with a friend and more outdoor lunching in the shade with a side of great conversation. There was nighttime reading and early morning (free!) yoga followed by mid-morning reading and latte drinking. Then there was grocery shopping, house cleaning, muffin making, and clothes ironing. And more football watching to wrap it all up.

A successful Labor Day Weekend! But now I need a nap.