If I’d known then…

…what I know now:

– I never would have thrown a fit about taking an afternoon nap. Now I know that not much beats an afternoon nap.

– I would have really made an effort to study abroad instead of just thinking it was out of the realm of possibilities for me. Now I know that the cost would have been well worth the experience.

– I would have broken up with that one guy a lot sooner. Now I know that that relationship wasn’t going to work out anyway, and my time could have better been spent on my own.

– I would have started buying baby girl clothes/accessories months ago. Now I know that the baby my sister was carrying is a girl!

– I would have registered for a lot more practical kitchen stuff and a lot less useless stuff. Now I know that we’ve never used that panini press, but could really use some serving platters.

– I would have gone to Florida to visit my grandma. Now I know that it’s too late.

– I would have hired a better photographer for my wedding and had one come to our reception in Austin. Now I know how important that is to me.

– I would have been nicer to my sister while we were growing up. Now I know that she’s the only sister I’ll ever have and that she’s a beautiful person inside and out that I’m lucky to have in my life.

– I would have waited to buy those National Championship tickets until the sections were announced. Now I know that we were going to be stuck in a sea of Alabama fans. Ew.

I would have taken a photography class in college. Now I know how much I love it and have always loved it. I could have gotten a head start.

– I would have never bought speakers from the back of some guy’s SUV who claimed they were worth lots of money. Now I know that it was a huge scam. Though I mostly blame that on the guy featured in number three.

But I didn’t know those things way back when. And even if I had, who’s to say I would have followed my own advice? People always say things like, Don’t make the same mistake I did. But isn’t that what life is all about? Living and learning and making mistakes and hopefully growing from them? If we never made mistakes, how would we ever learn and grow and appreciate our blessings? The good in life is only good because there is also bad. Without darkness, there can be no light; without sorrow, no joy.

Some of the mistakes I’ve made have been pretty inconsequential…like not registering for the right things when we got married. But others, they’ve been big. My only hope is that I’ve learned something from those experiences and that I continue to take that knowledge forward with me. I’ll never know how things will turn out before they happen {and despite the mistakes I’ve made, I actually see this as a very good thing}, so the most I can hope for is to make the best decision I can with the information that I have available to me at the time.

“When you know better, you do better.” -Maya Angelou-

So this is me, living life and learning to “know better”…..I hope.

I really love the way the sun made a perfect ring....